Blude Reed EP

by PonyHomie

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released March 31, 2015



all rights reserved


PonyHomie Seattle, Washington

PonyHomie is a festival of light and sound from Seattle, WA.

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Track Name: Desert Disease (Shittin' Kittens)
What is in your eyes?
I can't quite figure out
It's been a long time...
And it's been a long time gone

In the morning I awoke
Just to find you still asleep
And that look that I mistook
For peace was dreams
Of anyone but me

Why I sleep restlessly... So restlessly
I'm not all that I could be... I could be
I want to be complete... I'm incomplete
Cut my teeth and watch them bleed... I bleed blude reed

I'm shittin' kittens but I had to ask if they were alive
And I admit I had to laugh,
Cause who would ask a stupid question like that?

There goes the air we used to breathe
Your eyes too dry for tears for me
There's no need for birds without the trees
Your eyes must have desert disease
Track Name: Black Eyes
I'm hit again
Turn away from my face
Cause you'll see two eyes
Blackened by the night...

That I held my head
Waiting for your hand
And I'll be your friend
If you call my name again

Everything's beyond me
When you only tell me you will never love me
And I still try to be your only
I try to be the one who never leaves you lonely

And I hold my head...
Way up to pretend
That I'm not a dead end
Don't leave me home alone again

I held my head
Waiting for your hand
I'll be your friend
If you call my name
And I'll be the man
With his head in hands
And I'll hold my breath
'Til the stars appear again
Track Name: Once I'm Home
I was wrong
The light I saw only proved me a fool

Now I've regressed... All those things I said I regret
And what I'll do to you

I'm gonna hurt you bad
Do you deserve attack?
Now let's review the facts...
I'm going to hurt you back

Did you think that you could have it all?
When you watched me fall?
It makes me hope you die alone,
'Cause once I'm home you're gone...
Track Name: I Gave You
I gave you a child, and you didn't want it
That's the most that I have to give.
I gave you a house, and you didn't haunt it
Now where am I supposed to live.
I gave you a tree and you did not embrace it
I gave you a nightmare and you didn't chase it
I'd give you a dream and you'd only wake from it
Now I'll never go to sleep again.
I'd give you a treasure and you'd only take from it
Look at the hole where jewelry had been
Baby, oh baby
Why must you escape from it
This love that we once called our friend.

I gave you my body and you ate aplenty
I gave you ten lives and you wasted twenty.
Now I'm standing empty, helpless and bare, without a morsel left of me to give
And you, you have vanished, into the air
The air in which I must live